Runt (Run Tests) is the expectation testing framework for Calyx. It organizes collections of tests into test suites and specifies configuration for them.

Runt uses runt.toml to define the test suites and configure them.


Runt workflow involves two things:

  1. Running tests and comparing differences
  2. Saving new or changed golden files

To run all the tests in a directory, run runt with a folder containing runt.toml.

The following commands help focus on specific tests to run:

  • -i: Include files that match the given pattern. The pattern is matched against <suite name>:<file path> so it can be used to filter both test suites or specific paths. General regex patterns are supported.
  • -x: Exclude files that match the pattern
  • -o: Filter out reported test results based on test status. Running with miss will only show the tests that don't have an .expect file.

Differences. -d or --diff shows differences between the expected test output and the generated output. Use this in conjunction with -i to focus on particular failing tests.

Saving Files. -s is used to save test outputs when they have expected changes. In the case of miss tests, i.e. tests that currently don't have any expected output file, this saves a completely new .expect file.

Dry run. -n flag shows the commands that runt will run for each test. Use this when you directly want to run the command for the test directly.

For other options, look at runt --help which documents other features in runt.

For instruction on using runt, see the official documentation.