Editor Highlighting


The vim extension highlights files with the extension .futil. It can be installed using a plugin manager such as vim-plug using a local installation. Add the following to your vim plug configuration:

Plug '<path-to-calyx>/tools/vim'

And run:



futil-mode is implements highlighting for .futil files in emacs. It is located in <repo>/tools/emacs/futil-mode.

Clone the repository, add the above path to your load path, and require futil-mode. If you use Spacemacs, this looks like adding the following lines to dotspacemacs/user-config in your .spacemacs file:

(push "~/.emacs.d/private/local/fuse-mode" load-path)
(require 'fuse-mode)

I imagine it looks very similar for pure emacs, but haven't actually tried it myself.

Visual Studio Code

Add a link to the Calyx VSCode extension directory to your VSCode extensions directory.

cd $HOME/.vscode/extensions
ln -s <calyx root directory>/tools/vscode calyx.calyx-0.0.1

Restart VSCode.