Systolic Array

Systolic arrays are commonly used to implement fast linear-algebra computations. See this paper for an overview on systolic arrays.

The systolic array frontend lives in the systolic-lang folder in the Calyx repository and generates systolic arrays that can perform matrix multiplies.

The contains the entire program required to generate systolic arrays. In order to generate an 8 X 8 systolic array, run:

./frontends/systolic-lang/ -tl 8 -td 8 -ll 8 -ld 8


Install the calyx-py library.

Command Line Options

The command line options configure the dimensions of the generated systolic array. There are no other properties of the systolic array that can be configured.

  • --top-length, --left-length: The length of top and left sides of the systolic array.
  • --top-depth, --left-depth: The length of the input streams from top and left sides of the array.
  • --post-op: Specify the post operation to be performed on the result of the matrix-multiply.
  • --fixed-dim: Generate systolic array that only processes matrices with the given sizes. The default strategy supports matrices with any contraction dimension.