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Analysis for Calyx programs.

The analyses construct data-structures that make answering certain queries about Calyx programs easier.


Calculate the reaching definitions in a control program.


Adding “NODE_ID”, “BEGIN_ID”, and “END_ID” attribute to control statement

Extract the dependency order of a list of control programs. Dependencies are defined using read/write sets used in the control program. The read/write sets ignore ports on constants and ThisComponent.

Contains a mapping from name of ir::CombGroup to the ports read by the control program as well as the mapping from invoke statements to the port mappings. The vector of ports is guaranteed to only contain unique ports.

Given a set of assignment, generates an ordering that respects combinatinal dataflow.

Builds a Domination Map for the control program. It maps nodes to sets of nodes. Here is what is included as a “node” in the domination map:

Constructs a graph based representation of a component. Each node represents a ir::Port and each directed edge (X -> Y) means that X’s value is read in an assignment to Y.

Defines a greedy graph coloring algorithm over a generic conflict graph.

This analysis implements a parallel version of a classic liveness analysis. For each group or invoke, it returns a list of the state shareable cells that are “alive” during an execution of a group or invoke statement (we identify an invoke statement by the cell that is being invoked, and groups by the name of the group).

Helper methods to parse @read_together and @write_together specifications

Calcuate the reads-from and writes-to set for a given set of assignments.

A conflict graph that describes which nodes (i.e. groups/invokes) are being run in parallel to each other.

Stores a Hashset that contains the type names of all components and primitives marked with either “share” or “state_share”,depending on what the user wants. Methods implemented by this struct can be used to determine whether a given cell is shareable or not Used by live_range_analysis.rs, cell_share.rs, and infer_share.rs

Detects if a group is solely being used to update a register.